Explore the mysterious island dubbed "the way to the forgotten city"

Long ago, this island was rumored to be the gateway to the mysterious Atlantis empire.

Perhaps the name "Lost City of Atlantis" is no stranger to those who love to explore the mystery of human history. This mysterious city appeared for the first time in Plato's writings around 330 BC and attracted the interest of all humanity. It is considered a civilization hidden in the eyes of the rest of the world.
Based on Plato's description of Atlantis, scholars believed it was located near the Strait of Gibraltar, close to the Atlantic. Over the years, however, other theories have suggested that the city disappears in places as far away as Antarctica, Turkey, and the Caribbean.
Explore the mysterious island dubbed "the path to the forgotten city" - Picture 1.
Es Vedra is rumored to be the remnant summit of the city that was engulfed by Atlantis.
Among them, the island of Es Vedra, located on the east coast of Spain, has long been rumored to be the tip of the neglected city of Atlantis and thus has attracted curious tourists. Of course, no evidence has been found to confirm the existence of Atlantis but the interesting feature is that the landscape and space features at Es Vedra are identical to the description of the city.
Es Vedra is an island located about 3.2 km to the west coast of Ibiza, a well known tourist destination - however the two islands are completely different. 
Es Vedra is quiet, sparsely populated because most are not allowed to arrive, while Ibiza welcomes 6 million tourists annually and is a haven for those who love parties all night long. . Es Vedra Island is made up of limestone and reaches its highest point at 400 meters above sea level. It is part of the nature reserve of Cala d'Hort and at the same time possesses a rich natural world due to limited footprints.
Explore the mysterious island dubbed "the path to the forgotten city" - Picture 2.
Es Vedra also contains many mysterious stories.
According to legend, Es Vedra is a place to hide myths and mysteries. It is considered to be the birthplace of the Tanit goddess of Phenicia and is the refuge of the goddesses and sea goddess Ulysses. 
Recent reports speak about the appearance of UFOs - undetermined flying objects, and USO - unidentified swimming objects, in the waters around the island, with strange circular luminaries hidden in the water. It is unclear how much of these stories are true, but perhaps Es Vedra must be something mysterious, possibly related to the fact that this is the strongest magnetic force in the world.
Explore the mysterious island dubbed "the path to the forgotten city" - Picture 3.
Only people with special reasons can come here, the more the island's secret.
For those who have been to Es Vedra, they must get certain permission, so most of those who have never been to Es Vedra must find another way to discover the true nature of this supernatural wonder. 
Some companies like Ibiza Boat Cruises can take you near the island, thanks to trips starting at San Antnio port running along the coastline of Ibiza and going to Es Vedra.
Explore the mysterious island dubbed "the path to the forgotten city" - Picture 4.
You can only admire Es Vedra remotely from an ancient guardhouse built nearby.
If you want to see the island from the mainland, you can go to Torre des Savinar - a watchtower built in the 1700s and a small bay named Atlantis with the same name as the forgotten city. Both are terribly inaccessible and can only be reached if you walk, but from here you can look out to the remote island of Es Vedra, and know where to have the opportunity to explore the legendary Atlantis city. .
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