The "secret corner" of the world that you have not heard

If you are a translator, you probably already know all the famous tourist destinations that are often mentioned and praised. Although you have not had a chance to get there yet, you can still admire the locations on the pictures of previous visitors and know that there will be a day when you will see yourself. However, the world still exists the "mysterious nonsense" that for this reason or other, although you have to spend a lot of money can not reach.
From secret vaults to stately temples, you will surely feel curious and intrigued by their "inviolability".
1. Kofun Catacomb, Japan
The secrets of the world you have never heard of - Photo 1.
The Kofun - ancient Japanese tunnel carries the keyhole shape.
Scattered throughout Japan, there are artificial islands shaped like keyhole. They were built from the ancient Kofun period, around the beginning of the third century to the beginning of the seventh century AD. On rare occasions these tombs could be approached by archaeologists, but only with the permission of the Royal Courts.
2. North Sentinel Island, India
The secrets of the world you never heard of - Photo 2.
If you want to preserve your life, do not take off to the island.
North Sentinel Island, home to the Sentinels, lies in the Andamanese archipelago, in the Bay of Bengal, between India and Malaysia. These tribal people will do anything to protect their land from the "alien". For the safety of the tourists themselves, the Indian authorities have forbidden anyone access to this beautiful island.
3. Kaho'olawe Island, USA
The secrets of the world you have never heard of - Photo 3.
Kaho'olawe is now a strict nature reserve.
Kaho'olawe, the smallest of the eight major volcanic islands in the Hawaiian Islands, has had a long and turbulent history. It was once a site of ancient religious ceremonies, and even served as an American naval training ground. Today, Kaho'olawe exists as a banned nature reserve. The only way you can visit this place is to join one of the volunteer teams on the island to help restore the environment here.
4. British Telecom Tower, UK
The secrets of the world you never heard of - Photo 4.
The rotating hotel and observatory at British Telecom Tower are completely forbidden to tourists.
The British Telecom Tower, abbreviated BT Tower, is a television tower located in Fitzrovia, London. Since the bombing of the tower in 1971, the revolving restaurant and observatory near the top of the tower have been completely closed. However, sometimes BT Tower will be hosting charity events and only a few hundred lucky people will have the opportunity to see the city of London from above.
5. Sable Island, Canada
The secrets of the world you never heard of - Photo 5.
The island in the middle of this vast ocean is the grave of many ships sunk by the sea.
Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is an island shaped like a slender crescent, called Sable, in Canada. With a population of less than 30 people, this is actually the natural cemetery of many sinking ships. Because of its unique ecological features, Sable Island has been recognized as a strict nature reserve banned from tourists.
6. Hang Lascaux, France
The secrets of the world you never heard of - Photo 6.
After 15 years of opening, the entrance to Lascaux Cave was banned to preserve prehistoric drawings there.
Lascaux Caves, near the village of Montignac, Dordogne, southwest of France, is home to more than 600 prehistoric artifacts throughout the cave and ceiling. Entrance to Lascaux Cave was banned after 15 years of opening for visitors. Currently, you can only visit a restored version of the Lascaux Cave through the virtual tour.
(Source: Brightside)
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