How to use iPhone X when the Home key

Apple's new phone operation changed a lot when the Home button was left unchanged.

Home is one of the features of the iPhone during the past 10 years. However, with the iPhone X just sold, Apple has removed this button, pulling the adjustment in how to operate and operate the machine. 
Action when no Home key
Previously you can press the Home button to wake up the screen (wake up) with iPhone X will be the tap on the screen. To return to the main screen, the user swipe from the bottom edge up.
Instead of double-clicking the Home button, open multitasking on your iPhone X by swiping from the bottom edge up and stopping in the middle of the screen. Swipe left, right to change between apps. Alternatively, swipe from left to right (and vice versa) at the bottom of the screen.
With previous models, swipe from the bottom up to open the Control Center control center. The iPhone X is replaced by a swipe from the top corner, right of the screen down. Swipe in the upper or left edge to open the notification manager.
Power off, screen capture, Siri
Power off, screen capture, Siri
To "wake up" Siri voice assistant, previously users hold the Hone key but with the iPhone X changed to hold the power key.
Hold the volume up key with the power key, you will open the menu to shut down or make an emergency call. Meanwhile, combine  the volume down button  and  the power button  to take a screenshot. 
Face ID and Apple Pay
Face ID and Apple Pay
With the iPhone X, Apple replaced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor with face ID recognition. Manipulating and using this technology is quite simple.
The Face ID replaces the user's password and is also applicable to payments made with Apple Pay. To use, you press the power button twice and perform facial authentication.
Animated Animoji
Animated Animoji
As part of iOS 11, the Animoji feature will use a 3D (Face ID) sensor to simulate facial expressions through fun icons. To use, go to the messaging menu and select Animoji, then tap record.
Portrait Lightning
Portrait Lightning
Not only on the iPhone X, studio-style portraits are also available on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. To do that, the user chooses Portrait in the camera menu and then switches back and forth between the five Portrait Lighting modes. In addition, you can also change or add effects after shooting (post).

Far away from the white sand beach, near to discover something unusual

This unique beach is part of Australia's Shark Bay World Heritage Site, known as Shell Beach. As the name implies, looking far away, everyone is supposed to be white sand beach but when approached, visitors are surprised and extremely excited when the shore is covered with shells rather than sand. This unique feature exists only in two places in the world.
Looking beyond the white sand, near the new discovery of unusual - Photo 1.
Find out the special point of the beach, visitors are very interested.
Looking beyond the white sand beach, near the new discovery of unusual - Photo 2.
Coming to this beach, you will witness a rare sight on Earth.
Imagine at your feet are billions of white scallops stretching endlessly along the coast. This has prompted Shell Beach to quickly attract four-way travelers. 
Situated on the western edge of Australia, this scallop beach stretches for 70km. Also, if you think the shell is just laying a thin layer on the sand, then you are wrong to light up, between the vast stretch of beach, where there are shells up to 10 meters thick.
Looking beyond the white sand beach, near to detect unusual things - Photo 3.
There is a shell up to 10m thick.
Interestingly, billions of shellfish made in Shell Beach are of a single mollusk, thriving in this area. There are two factors that make this place their ideal habitat.
First, the location of Shell Beach is located in the innermost part of Sharky Bay, shaped like a horseshoe. It is the most concentrated seagrass in the world, forming a natural barrier at high tide and withdrawal. Secondly, the climate here is less rainy, the sea water evaporates so much that salt concentration is twice as high as normal in the Indian Ocean, so this is not the area of ​​"raging" favorite of the predator
Looking beyond the white sand, near the new discovery of unusual - Photo 4.
Looking beyond the white sand beach, near to discover something unusual - Photo 5.
Unobstructed by tides and aggressive predators in the deep sea, shellfish are constantly growing and thousands of years have passed, billions of shells have been brought to shore up the shore, creating a shoreline. beautiful and unique beach.
The people used to build houses, churches and other buildings during the 19th and 20th centuries. But now the area is preserved after the Shark Bay was recognized by UNESCO the world in 1991.
(Source: Oddity central)
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